For the 30 Days of Cardboard Crafts Challenge, Day 5’s Challenge was to create a picture frame made completely from cardboard. After finding a few favorites online, I had plenty of ideas for my own personal creation.

To make the frame we used:

  • Old Cereal Box
  • Paint
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Glue

I fell in love with the flowers on one of the frames that I saw so I was determined to incorporate those beautiful flowers in my own frame. To get started making them, I folded the Paper towel roll nearly flat along the width and cut out 15-20 1/2 inch strips.

Then I painted them in tons whof different colors and set them to dry.

While the strips were drying, I cut out the center of the cardboard (cut from one side of the cereal box) in the shape of a rectangle.

Once all the strips were dry, I arranged them to make a flower on the corner of the cardboard frame and used hot glue to secure the flower in place.

Then, I started working on the other side. I was going for something that would balence out the frame, but not be another flower. I think I accomplished that.

Next, I found a cute piece of colored paper for he background.

Once the frame was completed, I was able to get a picture of Sara and place it in the center.